eTyöplus is a communication channel between you and your occupational healthcare team.

For example, you can renew your prescription, keep track of your health, or send any questions you may have on your mind to your occupational health team when it’s best for you.

The occupational health team will respond to your enquiry on eTyöPlus within two business days. The eTyöplus service has several nurses receiving the messages sent by customers, thus ensuring the smooth operation of the service.

Secure connection

You can access and use the eWork Plus from any mobile or terminal device that is connected to the Internet. eTyöplus is TLS-protected and thus a more secure way of communicating health information than traditional email.

Using eTyöplus is easy

When a company starts using the eTyöplus service, each company employee will receive an invite in their email with a personal registration link to the service. After registration you will always login with your email address and password here.

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