Health Checkups

The health checkup takes place at the beginning of the employment relationship and then periodically thereafter.

The frequency of the checkup and the measures to be included in exams are determined by the employee’s health, working conditions, job requirements and the characteristics of the individual employee.

During the health checkup, the occupational health nurse assesses the need for rehabilitation and other work capacity support measures for the employee.

We use electronic wellness surveys as part of our health exam.

Where appropriate, the worker shall be referred to a occupational health doctor or occupational health expert for a medical checkup, to provide more information, advice and guidance, or for assessment of work ability.

An employee may request a medical checkup or an assessment of workload if they so wish.

Health checkup appointments can be booked online or by calling 06 828 7360 to your own occupational health nurse.

Blood sampling at the Työplus Kokkola office (Mariankatu 26)

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