Workplace surveys

Reimbursement of occupational health care costs requires that working conditions are studied by means of repeated on-site visits.

The planning of occupational health care activities is based on a workplace survey (Article 6 of Government Act 708/2013). The occupational health cooperation begins with a physical workplace survey.

The workplace survey assesses and identifies the health and work-related health risks and hazards of work, the work environment and the work community, workload factors and the significance of resources available and work capability.

A written report shall be prepared of the workplace survey containing the observations, the needs they may require and proposals for action. The report must be visibly posted at the workplace.

It is the responsibility of the employer to carry out the workplace survey and the occupational health service carries it out to the extent required by the workplace. In accordance with good occupational health care practice, occupational health care professionals and occupational health care specialists, according to the needs of the workplace, are involved in carrying out the workplace survey.


Targeted surveys can also be done for the workplace survey. Where appropriate, targeted workplace surveys shall be performed on the basis if a problem, a specific need or if a health risk arises. The survey can be focused on a specific area of ​​the workplace.

Plan of action

The employer must have a written and annually reviewed plan of occupational health care activities, prepared by the employer and the occupational health service provider on the basis of the workplace surveys (baseline survey).

The action plan shall also describe the work capacity management, follow-up and early support measures that the occupational health service provider is responsible for, if workplace management practices have been agreed on with the workplace.

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