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7 December, 2023

Welcome to our new website!

The website design is based on Työplus’ new branding. Our updated logo represents Työplus’ traditional plus sign, the cross of the flag of Finland, our core values, cooperation and continuity. Our blue colour communicates safety, calm, stability and Finnishness. Our marketing coordinator, Fanny Indola, has developed the new look.

Customer focus and accessibility have been at the heart of our website redesign. We also wanted to focus on the new website’s layout and illustrations.

As a result, our website is more user-friendly and versatile than ever. We have also clarified the content and structure, increased the site’s usability, and made the information more searchable. We have paid particular attention to the smooth mobile accessibility of the site.

Työplus’ partner in the website redesign has been the marketing agency Ab Wikström Media Oy.

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